PRIM4-Hair Salon 光復店

The core of light. 光芒的核心

Crosslight tree--- lots of light sources shining from the cross center, every one of it represented that PRIM4 will become much more powerful and resourceful. This tree as the token of their second branch are about to let PRIM4 thriving and robust.
十字光芒樹-十字交叉綻放著許多光源,每個光源都代表著PRIM4未來更多資源的投 入,這顆樹是第二家的更嶄新的標註,讓PRIM4的核心更加茁壯。

Cutting area’s mirror revolution---Designed long mirror for reflection with many angles, therefore, when the customers having the hair cut they can watch their hair in the different angles during the cutting. Moreover, it also improved the control of the hairstyle either customers or styler.
Long mirror still have got the principal of reflection from large mirror. As the result of the angles of reflection, let the space more interesting to reflect in the mirror 
VIP area --- a style of low profile but luxurious, using the black glasses, let the space not only surrounded by limit but also much more keen to pass through the entire space. Let the atmosphere be calm and powerful.
Vip 區: 低調奢華的黑玻設計,讓空間不僅有圍塑感又更加的銳利可看穿整個空間,讓氛圍更可以穩定於全場,這代表著前區有光芒樹的表現,後區有VIP空間轉化的層次區分。
Round mirror& mirroring: the style of round mirror coordinated with black glasses allows black glasses design to extend among perspective again, and skillfully display the theory of space multiplication.

Rinse area using black hue , allows VIP luxury with a black background support. Due to the light design in order to see though the VIP area and Crosslight tree. On the contrary, the privacy of rinse area can fully trustable, the black glasses using in VIP area is opaque and definitely unable to watch though.