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YOMA = yoshi + maki

The best way to predict the future is to create it!

YOMA DESIGNYOSHIMAKI所創辦的建築 & 室內公司, YOMA尋求無設限的理念,創作極簡的方式,創造空間的驚喜, 這是我們前進的腳步。


yoshi - 專長於建築設計& 都市規劃 & 燈光設計
maki  - 專長於室內設計& 都市設計 & 陳列設計
yoshi = 幽默風趣,對待設計細部,極度鑽研
maki = 想像無限,對待設計夢想,極度敏銳


YOMA DESIGN is an architecture and interior design company founded by Yoshi and Maki. YOMA pursue unlimited ideas, create with minimalism, and surprise the space. This is how we advance. Yoshi specializes in architecture, city planning, and light design. Maki specializes in interior design, city planning, and exhibit design. Yoshi is humorous, and Maki is imaginative. Yoshi extremely focuses on details, and Maki focuses on dream wholeheartedly.

We use humorous design approach to create. Because you entrust YOMA, we have our unique design style. We use unlimited design to create more various outputs. As the fusion of YOMA, we not only revise our works but also keep advancing along the way of design

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